Floral Friday18-0420


Floral Friday Challenge.


Thursday last week we visited

Country Dahlias,Country Dahlias is only about a

forty minute drive from Geelong.This is the only plant that I think I can name…

Strawberries and Cream




Hope you enjoy.

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Country Dahlias 

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Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Tuesday Photo Challenge



We are praying for it this year,

so hope this post helps.Some of our Japanese Maples


in wetter times.

Likewise our apple tree.

After a summer downpour.

And when our water system develops a crack,

the rain goes everywhere.

Rains drops exploding on verandah’s edge.

Taken a few years ago now.

The result of nine down-pipes merging into one

and heavy rain.

Not sure if taken during rain or while in a car wash.

My favourite series of rain  shots.

One of the series edited…a bit.

I can only suggest the wide red strip

is rain drops close to the camera as there was

nothing else to cause it.