We ‘met’ Limpy, the lioness in 2013…

Within twelve months Limpy had to

be euthanised due to illness.


We met and walked with Sita in 2012.

We were also saddened to hear of her passing last year.

After living on a farm most of my life I had quite

a few pet dogs, working companions,

which I grew to know and love.

However, there was always that day around the corner

when your favourite mate was no longer there.

No matter how good your dog was,

there was always a youngster in training.

It is simply one of those things known as

the circle of life.


A Photo a Week Challenge: One-of-these-things


Daily Prompt-Deplete(d)


Taji’s favourite spot towards evening

is under the old trampoline…

 From here she can keep an eye on both exits… 

 and not miss out on replenishing her depleted belly

should her evening meal arrive unexpectedly.

That fact that she may have had a treat

a few minutes earlier does not enter

into the equation.