Some fairly basic 50-year-old objects.

Buckingham Palace was around when I was

in primary school in the fifties.


Guides and research tell us the Colosseum

was completed around 1900 years ago.

The only part of my woolshed that was not ancient

was the roofing on the right side of the gable

and the skillion roof, same side.

They were both removed by the closest thing

to a tornado/hurricane to hit our farm.

And yet it was only strong enough to lift

a pile of leaves which MGW had just swept up

and dump them over the track

when it reached our house

about 100 metres further on.

I know I posted this shot last week, however,

I am fairly certain that it would have

been born before me.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Older-than-50-Years



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