A few years ago I photographed this storm…as it dumped heavy rain on Geelong 

in a very short space of time.

 Some of the low-lying roads were

up to three feet under water,

while the sun was shining on me


This is what I call a real thunderstorm.

The downside to these is that

they often occur in the wee hours

of the  morning.


Weekly Weather: Thunderstorm

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The only thing we all agreed upon during

our European tour was that it was rushed.

While we visited many sites we wanted to see

and had priority access…

there were many other who also had

priority access also which made our visit

a shoulder to shoulder affair.

We soon found ourselves watching a flag,

similar to this one.

Stopping to take a photo often meant

losing contact with our group.

Yes, it was rushed, at times

but thoroughly enjoyable.