Book Review-Creep



Jennifer Hillier

 Creep was my second book by Jennifer Hiller, however it appears to be her first published book…in 2011.

Creep is a psychological thriller and is not as gory or macabre as The Butcher, Hillier’s third book.  However, it did have me asking why or how a teacher and student become so ‘close’.  The Butcher was almost more believable than Creep.

There was only three, maybe four, main characters for about two-thirds of the book.  During the last third some of those peripheral characters, mentioned earlier were developed, or introduced entirely, to help solve the mystery and hence provide a conclusion to Creep.

It was interesting to read how an academic could have similar problems or weaknesses as her students.  I may have led a sheltered life as I have never heard of her addiction before although she treated it like I image all addicts treat their addiction.  It’s not the addict who has a problem, it is everyone else.

If it is blood, gore, and terror you are looking for, read The Butcher.  If it is a psychological thrillers you devour the Creep is the novel for you.  I must admit that after The Butcher, Creep was a bit tame, but still a good read.  And as it appears to be a first novel, and The Butcher being so good, I am looking forward to reading Freak, which may be a sequel or similar story-line to Creep .

I was thinking three and a half stars.  However the lack of the half star in Goodreads left me debating whether to round-up or round-down.  It  is a better read than many other novels and it has a ripper twist at the end, which pushed it into the four star category.

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