Weekly Photo Challenge-Smile



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



There are many things which bring a smile to my eyes…Number 1 Son and a smiling and Maggie.

 A contented and happy Candi.

Not a great photo but this type of action

takes place on a regular basis.

Taji lumbers along trying to

keep up with a fast agile Candi.

There is no contest until it becomes

a tussle  of strength…and still really no contest… 🙂


i always have an inner smile or inner glow

if a photo turns out well,

more so if I can edit it to make it look better.


Early morning reflection at my favourite

photography spot on Corio Bay.


And who doesn’t smile at these photos.


Taken before digital was heard of…

they still make me smile over 25 years later.

While I would never pass as a jockey.

I would never suggested we re-shot this photo either.

The little one, Number 2 is now

definitely heavier than I am.

The financial adviser in the family would probably

not like this photo surfacing in his workplace,either.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Happy


I didn’t even need to leave the house

for today’s contribution.

 I could not think of anything more

contented or happy than Candi

eating her Easter Monday afternoon snack.


The dogs help themselves to apples, pears

whatever fruit is in season.

She just has not mastered the art

of chewing with her mouth closed…

but, boy it tasted good.

If photos are not quite sharp

it maybe because they were

taken through our kitchen window.


Daily Prompt-Explore


The Colosseum of Rome was high on my list

when we visited Europe two years ago. 

However, it was high on thousands of other people’s lists as well.


Our exploration of this wonder of the world…

was restricted to watching others from this level.

Another place to re-visit when not on a guided tour.

I would have so loved to have

visited and explored the lower area.