I think my first entry is the best today…

it actually has he name of the establishment

within a tilted frame.

 I suspect my camera shutter was

accidentally pressed as this one does not work.

My camera was certainly not level…but

was it titled or just vertical with a twist?

I cannot remember but I think it works.


 Toronto Avenue Cemetery and to take this photo

required some manoeuvring to get

the sun behind the cross

and all of the cross in the frame.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Tilted




My choice of shop/store fronts this week….

One of the old wool stores in Geelong.

Dalgety’s Store now house

the Water Front Campus of

Geelong’s, Deakin University.

Cannot recall if this was a fish and chip shop

or just a shop which thought its wares

as ‘cheap as chips.’

The price of chips/fries these days

that slogan may not entice customers

through the door.

Definitely a blast from the past and an

ideal setting for a shop front movie scene.

It is nearly three years since I visited this town.

I wonder if there has been

any legal action in that time?


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Store-Fronts