This not an orange car.

General Motors experts have deemed that

this is the colour is Fantale.

I think you can still purchase Fantales in shops.

A chocolate wrapped sweet/candy upon

the wrapping is some ‘in-depth’ information

about movie stars.

Or that was the case many decades ago.


And some furniture we sighted

while furniture shopping

with Number 1 Son many years ago.

Our Mock Orange in bloom.

Finally, one of our orange twists.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Orange




Two of anything this week.

An African eagle and an

African Starling (I suspect) sharing a tree.


Two giraffes also sharing a tree.


Cape Buffalo

Zebras having a meeting.

A week or so ago, preening seagulls

at Geelong’s Corio Bay.

On Friday I drove up Mount Buninyong,

about a sixty minute drive inland,

and discovered there a two roads.

An up road and a down road.

From Mount Buninyong, two trees were an easy find.


Have just re-read the challenge and realised

that we were supposed to post two different things.

First photo is okay, I think.

So here is Taji and her new toy.

I am told it is a Cong or is that Kong?

And a Juvenile Collared Hawk which decided to

breakfast on an annoying mudlark in

our back yard, a week or so ago.

If I had known that it would be photographed

I would have had the lawn mower out to knock over

the weeds that seem to thrive when

other grasses want water.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Any-Two



Floral Friday18-0427


Floral Friday Challenge.


More from

Country Dahlias

Country Dahlias is only about a

forty minute drive from Geelong.I think this one lives up to its name although

with Red/Green colour vision problems, 

I do prefer other colours in the garden.

 Although probably in the ‘red’ family

this is brighter and more eye-catching for me.

Hope you enjoy.

Click on  any of the Country Dahlias links

to go to the 

Country Dahlias 

Facebook page.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





Another Zoom-In-Zoom-Out

while Paula is taking a break

These photos were to be used in

Cee’s Fun Foto-People at Work Challenge

I think they probably fit both.The flags represent two (of many) guides

in the Vatican the day we visited.

And zoom out…and they are barely visible.

My Fun Foto Challenge this week

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Thursday’s Special: Zoom-In-Zoom-Out

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-People-at-Work


Our gondola ride in Venice…provided several shots of people at work…

albeit in the same industry.

 Finally, a glass blower at work.

Also in Venice.


One Word Photo Challenge-Paper


My first search for paper photos had

the following image ranked number one.

I have no idea why I took it but paper it is.

I also had copious quantities of images

taken at an old paper mill.

Thought that was pushing the theme a bit much.



Then…the thought hit me….what about Christmas?

I am not sure that it is paper around these gifts,

However, if not it is making

a good impression of being paper.


One Word Photo Challenge: Paper


Weekly Photo Challenge-Lines



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



With yesterday’s ANZAC Day commemorations

still fresh in our memories I have continued

the ANZAC theme today with a brief visit to

Tyne Cot Military Cemetery

in Belgium.

Some 34,000 names of soldiers who perished

and have never been found, line to wall of

Tyne Cot Cemetery.   

These 34,000 are names which could not

fit on Menin Gate


The steps also make good lines this week.

Apart from names on the wall there are also…

the graves of 11,900…


of British Empire, as it was then known, 

service personnel who perished

during the Great War.




Daily Prompt-Bestow


This week MGW, at the suggestion of our vet,

bestowed upon our canine friends…

 a brand spanking new Kong.

It was for Taji who is a tad over the desire limit.

However she soon got the idea and spent

time playing with it until empty.


Candi was also keen enough to give it a go this morning.

Whether they lose any weight is another thing.