Wordless Wednesday18_0328

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This past weekend…

I exhibited some of my photos…


in a local Arts Trail…many  artists, using various mediums.


A great weekend…came home all warm and fuzzy,

not rich and famous 😄



At least yours truly and one other artist have been

invited to exhibit work at a nearby gallery.


Hope you enjoyed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Tuesday Photo Challenge



In 2013, our last evening in South Africa…

 We were taken on an unplanned game drive.

The highlight of the drive was sighting

two lion cubs and their mother.

Cubs sighted us and promptly left mum and came

to within a mere twenty feet from our vehicle

and settled in to watch the tourists

 Twenty minutes and around 300 photos later

we had to say goodbye.

However, the memories live on with us each day

as we had one of our photos drawn by

a South African artist and it

now hangs on our living room wall.

A portion of which is posted above.