One Word Photo Challenge-Negative






First thing I thought of was Negatives

from which we created our prints in the past…A sunrise on Corio Bay…

and its negative…or as close as I can come

to creating a negative.


Another day, another sunrise.

 This time the process.

First the colour image.

Converted to a Black and White.

Finally a colour inversion and we have

what appears to be a negative.

And a special adition for


who asked for a colour negative.

The real deal will be published tomorrow

in Cee’s Fun Foto (Alone) Challenge.

I hope this is what you were after,

because I know of no other way

of creating a colour neg.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Negative


5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge-Negative

  1. Oh, I’m honoured to be mentioned, thank you. I’ve always been fascinated by “colour negatives” since studying Psych I (many years ago). In one practice session, we had to stare at a square of a rich primary colour, e.g. red, then move our sight a few inches away to a blank page. There we would see a “negative after image” of the colour – pale bluish green in the case of red, as I recall. The others that stuck in my mind were yellow/mauve and green/pink. I must try messing with some of my photos for a future post. Thank you again for the mention, but also for the stimulation.


    • I don’t know what editor you use, these were all processed using Picasa 3 a free Google download I believe. I am gradually learning tricks of the trade with PhotoShop Elements but if it can be done using Picasa…far quicker for me.

      And when I use the term colour negative I am only referring to inverted colours, so may not be a true colour negative. I’m still a bit damp behind the ears when it comes to editing.

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