Black and White Tuesday18-0327


Black and White Tuesday


Somee BWs from Torquay again…

only this time from the…

engagement party venue.

This was the only table of munchies in sight

when we arrived….and when we left.

Constantly replenished during the night,

with friendly staff ensuring we had some

heartier finger food in our hands all night.

Wasn’t long before yours truly

ran up a white flag.



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Negative






First thing I thought of was Negatives

from which we created our prints in the past…A sunrise on Corio Bay…

and its negative…or as close as I can come

to creating a negative.


Another day, another sunrise.

 This time the process.

First the colour image.

Converted to a Black and White.

Finally a colour inversion and we have

what appears to be a negative.

And a special adition for


who asked for a colour negative.

The real deal will be published tomorrow

in Cee’s Fun Foto (Alone) Challenge.

I hope this is what you were after,

because I know of no other way

of creating a colour neg.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Negative