Our first evening in Europe and we were in Brugge… and had to walk back through beautiful

Het Zand Square

to our hotel.


If some one asked what was my

most memorable place in Europe…


Het Zand Square at twilight

would be right up at the top.


Pic and Word Challenge: Twilight

Daily Prompt-Faceless


Standing in the incorrect position when…

 photographing this clock made it

almost appear to be faceless.

The ‘grey nature’ of our online publishing laws

sees most of my ‘people’ photos faceless,

unless the have agreed to their image

being used online.

I don’t know how other countries operate,

but in Australia this couple being in a public place

(Trevi Fountain) were fair game, to photograph.

 However to publish this photo and without making

their faces hard to recognise, requires permission.

I find this a little strange as most people today

have social media sites littered with selfies.

And NO-ONE has EVER asked my permission

to publish my photo on

their website/Facebook page.