While searching for this week’s post…

I found this sight-seeing bus…a way

for visitors to see Melbourne.

York’s signpost pointed the way to

various point in the city…

as did these signs on a

Freeway/Autobahn in Germany.

While visiting Fromelles we had to walk down this path…

to see the site of the Fromelles mass graves

which were recently exhumed and created

the Fromelles Military Cemetery.


Finally, this is the way to the

Toronto Avenue Military Cemetery

in Belgium.


Thursday’s Special: Way



Tuesday Photo Challenge



One of my favourite places around Geelong…

is Griffin Gully.

From here I can watch nature

create her wondrous works of art

each and every morning if I so desire.

 If not at the Bay, or by the coast,

then admiring landscapes such as this

would be a place to be.