I  will never forget the morning I took these shots.

It was my first morning in London with MGW,

and while I turned to take these photos she disappeared.

 The crowd behind me was as dense

as the crowd in front of me. 

I had about twenty yards of clear vision. 

I did not know whether MGW had crossed

Westminster Bridge or followed

the white bus along the Thames River.

After the longest ten minutes in my life

MGW appeared on the bridge

wanting to know what I was doing! 

And why I was standing there at/near Big Ben.

Of course she had told me she was

crossing the bridge!!!!!!

I’m sure I did not have this problem back in 1976!!


Pic and Word Challenge: Time



Tuesday Photo Challenge



I wonder if…

any of today’s stadiums or buildings…

will still be standing in 2,000 years time.

Even though the Colosseum is not in working order…


to think we are walking on the same pavers

which gladiators, or emperors of the day

walked upon is incredible.