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Visited the

Steiglitz Courthouse Museum

on Wednesday.
On display was part of a wooden water pipe…

which had only been decommissioned,

after seventy years in service, in 1960.

I have never previously heard of

a wooden water pipe.


Hope you enjoyed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book Review-The-Baby-Farm

The Baby Farm

(Broken Vows Trilogy Book 2)


Marty Langenberg

The Baby Farm is the second book the Broken Vows Trilogy by Marty Langenberg and follows book 1.5, Pennie, the Prequel to The Baby Farm.

I have already stated in my review of Pennie that I am not a fan of short stories, however in this instance, while not completely necessary to read Pennie prior to The Baby FarmPennie does fill in some otherwise unknown detail of Pennie’s life and how she arrived at this point in her life.  Also bear in mind that Pennie was introduced in Book 1 of the Broken Vows Trilogy with her character being further developed in Pennie, Book 1.5.

For many years in Australia we have heard of the stolen generation. The ‘stolen generation’ being children of native Australians who were removed from their parents by the government of the day to be raised and educated by white Australian standards.

What has often annoyed me is the fact that there were/are many generations of white Australian children in the same position who are never described as stolen by society simple because they were children primarily of unwed teenage mothers. It was not until the early seventies that I first saw an unwed teenage mother with her child around my home town.

Prior to then girls often disappeared for a few months, usually to a capital city where they had their babies delivered and adopted.  Society of the time decreed they had brought shame on their families.

In writing The Baby Farm, Marty has addressed this issue head on.  The Baby Farm describes in detail what occurred to some of our young teenage/unmarried mothers of that era.  He has delved into the trauma these mothers underwent and also described the deviousness of people working in the name of religion, God and in this case St. Gerard (protector of mothers and children), to ‘help’ these mothers.

Thankfully there were some characters who offered real help and assistance to Pennie and her friend (Heather), preferring to see the real person and not forming an opinion based on current circumstances.

The Baby Farm is another fast paced read and one which again will have readers wanting to know what is going to happen in the next chapter.

Finally, I must declare that I know and worked with Marty

for several years before he retired.

However, I believe this has not clouded my review.


Definitely a


Broken Vows

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