Weekly Photo Challenge-Story



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



One hot day in Sydney…

one youngster found a cool way to keep cool.

Big sister is not so sure.

“I think you are getting wet”


It’s official.

The water is wet.




17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Story

    • Certainly Manly and there is a beach in the background. Not sure if it is the Manly Beach, but assumed it was/is. The Coroso….have never heard of it, so will take your word that maybe it is. It was my first visit to Sydney since the 1970s.

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      • Sorry. My fingers don’t always work so well – I added an extra ‘o’. The Manly Corso is a wide promenade that leads from approximately the ferry wharf to Manly beach. I recall these children-delighting water features in it on a visit there.


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