I think any abstract photo leaves room for our

imagination to interpret that which our eyes see.


Desert Dreaming was created for a CD cover challenge…

The title matching the earthy tones of the image.

The original image…a pool of water.

This image not had a circular mask added.

Rather, it is the moon setting in our backyard.

I suspect there has been a colour inversion

in Picasa to accentuate the moon.


Pic and Word Challenge: Imagination

Book Review-The-Butcher

The Butcher


Jennifer Hillier

The Butcher is my first Jennifer Hillier novel and one in which the central character is a serial killer who manages to get away with murdering many people, although he mainly targets young, innocent, teenage girls.

Gruesome and sickening were two words which came to mind when thinking how to describe this book.  This description is not to be taken as a reflection of the author’s writing ability.  On the contrary Jennifer Hillier has turned a gruesome story line into a page turning novel.

Gruesome and sickening is the only way to describe what The Butcher did to his victims; and his state of mind at the time of committing crimes.

Whether family, romantic or platonic, all relationships in this novel are severely strained, some to breaking point.  Even The Butcher’s friends and family are not exempt from his gruesome practices.

As usual I have included very little character detail as I believe it would reduce the impact of the book.  Also too much information would spoil the end.

Whilst I have stated The Butcher is gruesome, it is still a fascinating read and look into the mind of a serial killer.   I’m not sure how or where Hillier obtained her research for this novel or whether she has a fertile imagination.  However, I really do hope that this is the product of an active imagination and not based on real life scenarios.

The Butcher is certainly worth adding to my FIVE Star read collection.

Again I must thank another Goodreads reader, Fiona, for recommending this book.

 Goodreads Readers have rated

The Butcher

an average of

3.79 stars from 1,874 ratings

and 322 reviews 


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The Butcher

can be purchased on-line at 

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