Weekly Photo Challenge-Out-Of-This-World



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The primary reason for

visiting Dubai was…to have High Tea in the Burj Al Arab’s

Sky Bar

I had seen photos of the Jumeriah hotel

as we sourced accommodation whilst in Dubai.

However the Burj Khalifa and its views…

had escaped my attention.

 We certainly did not expect these views…

during our…

Dubai Creek Cruise.

 We could have seen these four lights…

in many cities throughout the world.

However, they are to be found in Dubai.

A city  grown out of the desert and which has

provided air-conditioned walkways between

railway stations…


and shopping malls.

We had about a ten minute rail journey

between shopping and hotel.

 The only October heat we felt was during the

two minute walk between

Railway station and hotel.

 Natural sunlight was incorporated

into some buildings.

And all these modern conveniences only about

a half hour drive from this,

the sandiest desert I have ever seen.

Covering 900,000 square miles

the Arabian Desert is the fourth largest desert

in the world and the second largest HOT desert,

behind the Sarah Desert.

 On our final day in Dubai, we waited until the

clock rose to the hour and watched in awe as the

Dubai Mall Fountain danced in time to

‘Time to say Goodbye’…

a rather apt choice of music as we were saying

goodbye to welcoming Dubai.

At least for this visit. 

We certainly felt like we were in another

world during our Dubai visit.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wildlife



from South  Africa

and Kruger National Park.

Was difficult to tell if this kingfisher had dinner in

its mouth amid  the flurry of wings and water.


If it did, it was a bit like a Labrador dog…

still hungry seconds after the last mouthful.

 These Springbok were some of the first African wildlife we sighted.

Only about ten minutes drive from Johannesburg’s

O.R. Tambo Airport in a small wild life paddock at our motel.  


These Yellow Billed Hornbills appeared to be telling

each other jokes…or laughing at the  tourists! 

They would look at each other and ‘talk’ for a few seconds,

then wings would be spread slightly and heads bob furiously

as if laughing at a punch line.


 This sighting was, at the time, my favourite.

High up in a tree nearing sundown

I took hundreds of shots.

It was only bettered by our

lion cub sighting on our last night.


Daily Prompt-Congregate


With temperatures forecast

to reach 39 degrees Celsius…

these Cape Buffalo had congregated

around the waterhole for

an early morning thirst quencher

in Africa’s

Kruger National Park.