Book Review-Fathomless



Greig Beck


Fathomless was definitely not my first Greig Beck novel, however, I did think it would be my last for while…. until…I digress.

For the first half or so of Fathomless I was definitely thinking that I had had enough of the world’s underwater monsters.  I think I have  five or six books now in which several  authors have set their story underground in different parts of the world.   At this stage Fathomless was only a three star read.  If it was your first novel of this genre then I believe you would be considering it a four or five-star read.  However, it was not my first.


Again we were underground in a world inhabited by what only can be described as monsters.  There was a great deal of Ho!  Hum!…at that stage.  We all know that some of the good guys survive.  They have to.  Who else would tell the tale?

This is the second book I have read, in 2018, where it appeared the story was over and the rest of the book would be acknowledgements…lots and lots.   Again I was wrong.  The twist which boosts a book from ordinary to wow was played.

Woven into this work of fact/fiction are the actions of a group of people who have a single-minded attitude to their cause and are not always correct as they believe.  I really wanted to throttle some of these characters.  Their arrogance was overwhelming and all I could think was that good should prevail.


Then just when you thought that the story had finished there is another, perhaps not a twist so much as a, revelation which is enough to make lovers of the sea to think twice before going for a swim.  Combine this revelation with some scientific facts and this reader’s thoughts were off on another journey; particularly as some of the revelations took place not far from where I have spent most of my life.

Again kudos to Sean Mangan for another five star narration.  He made the audio version of Fathomless an ideal book to listen to while driving.


Fathomless is a reasonably fast paced book and one which all fans of Grieg beck, will enjoy.


I think


is a solid


Goodreads readers have rated


 an average of 3.99 stars from

394 ratings and 55 reviews.


can be purchased on-line at

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in nature.



A quartet of Starlings dressed for summer,

according to one bird watcher on Facebook,

while another said they were in winter plumage!

It was April 2017 when they visited.

The only thing agreed upon is the birds are starlings.

I can honestly say I have never seen a

starling in these colours.

A quartet of swans.








This was my pride and joy in about 1987/88.The floor is an old door and every other piece

was found on our newly acquired farm.

Now all followers who could be known as MGW

will probably think the same as MGW did.

She thought even less when I loaded it on

the trailer and moved it 200 kilometers

to our new home.


The passing of Ginger in 2015 and the acquisition

of two young dogs early 2016 saw three kennels

constructed similar to this one.

Now everyone is happy.


Thursday’s Special: Recycled

Weekly Photo Challenge-Rise-Set



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Rise, Set.


Commencing with sunrises…First two are…

Corio Bay Sunrises.

Pre-empting sunrise from our front verandah.

Two country …




Sunset from our back door.

Point Lonsdale light House sunset.



Finally,Clifton Springs Jetty

this morning,

Thursday March 29.

Too much cloud to light it up I’m afraid.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Alone


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


Not sure if my images fit ‘alone’ or ‘a lone’…

Early morning at Corio Bay

This lone fisher man was certainly alone.

 Sighting a tree, either dead…

or alive was something rare as we travelled the

north-eastern reaches of the Kalahari Desert.

A few days later, in the Okavango Delta

we sighted this lone leopard which was

kind enough to pose for some photos.

A couple more from home.

Monday this week I decided to go for a drive

to see what I could see…and take a few photos.

I found single eucalypts scattered throughout

paddocks as is usual around here.

And a few weeks ago I discovered

this stick insect, I think,

clinging to the rear bumper of my car.


Wordless Wednesday18_0328

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This past weekend…

I exhibited some of my photos…


in a local Arts Trail…many  artists, using various mediums.


A great weekend…came home all warm and fuzzy,

not rich and famous 😄



At least yours truly and one other artist have been

invited to exhibit work at a nearby gallery.


Hope you enjoyed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Tuesday Photo Challenge



In 2013, our last evening in South Africa…

 We were taken on an unplanned game drive.

The highlight of the drive was sighting

two lion cubs and their mother.

Cubs sighted us and promptly left mum and came

to within a mere twenty feet from our vehicle

and settled in to watch the tourists

 Twenty minutes and around 300 photos later

we had to say goodbye.

However, the memories live on with us each day

as we had one of our photos drawn by

a South African artist and it

now hangs on our living room wall.

A portion of which is posted above.