The morning this was taken my hands went numb

and the temperature in the car was

-3 degrees Celsius.

Not that cold in many parts of the world,

however, after waiting on an

exposed platform for fog to clear and sun to rise,

I was barely able to hold my camera.


I have posted this a few times.

The very foreground is the outside edge of our

spouting/guttering which had what I call

a horizontal icicle, stalagmite, stalactite frozen

in mid-air and beginning to melt over

the edge of the gutter.

This was our first winter after moving from the farm.

Never seen it before or since.


Pic and Word Challenge: Frozen

4 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk128_Frozen

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  2. Heh… the second photo: nature does have its wonders.

    Weather does wreak havoc on photographers, don’t it? Trying to keep a camera warm and dry is hard enough, but your body’s out there too, and I haven’t found the right gloves yet.

    Love the iced dew on the web. =)


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