Book Review-Double-Cross

Double Cross


James Patterson

Another of the Alex Cross series and very typical of the Cross adventures…if you could call them adventures!

This time the serial killer likes, no loves, to have an  audience which is a slight twist on usual serial killer story lines.

While I enjoyed  Double Cross, I felt the characters were more gruesome in this book.  I don’t know where or how James Patterson would have researched this story line.

The brevity of this review is due to the fact that I first read Double Cross five or six years ago…long before I commenced these reviews.  My review from that time mainly indicates I liked the book, characters were gruesome and it was a three star read.

I have rated Double Cross a three star read.

 Other Goodreads Readers have rated Double Cross an average of 4.0 stars, from 40,153 Ratings and 1,483 Reviews.


Double Cross

Double Cross

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The first of my nature structures…

 was shown to us while in Africa’s

Kruger National Park.

However, one does not need to travel

that far to spy a web. 

These two were sighted in and around Geelong.

 This one was overlooking Geelong’s

Queens Park Golf Course

The temperature dropped to -3 degrees Celsius.

There was a real pea-soup fog and

I did not get my sunrise photos because

of the aforementioned conditions.

Had to guess your link Cee. 

Will be away for a few days so need to schedule posts.


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