Blemishes are the bane,

I suspect, of photographers all over. 

At least they are my greatest cause of distress.

A photo I took last Friday morning.

I thought, ‘Not bad!’

Then I noticed the blemishes.

The irritating stuff if it was on your wall.

First, there appears to be least two ‘uglys’ floating

in the foreground as well as four or five other

less noticeable spots just above my watermark.

Second, as usual there were plenty of sea birds

stretching their wings and having breakfast.

I looked on in awe of their antics

until one swooped in as a blur.

See the dot below the left most boat.

Finally, the horizon is not straight.


With noticeable blemishes removed

it is only the horizon which is of concern.

It has been straightened and measured as level.

However, I think the land on the right adds

to the illusion that the horizon is lower

on the left than on the right side if the image.

With these corrections made

I think I will add this to my collection

to display in my Art Trail exhibit in late March.


Pic and Word Challenge: Blemish

20 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk127_Blemish

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  2. Love the baby blue with the light yellow tones. Speaks serenity to me. A beauty! 🙂 Since you mentioned a possible wall hanging, if it was on my wall, I’d want the two outer boats cropped, one on either side. Just my painterly eye speaking. 🙂


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    • Agree with all your sentiments Patrick although never really had much to do with developing film. The only time I tried I left more spots on the print than was worth it. Kodak did a far better job and my hands had a tremor then…nearly uncontrollable now! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, any tremor in the hands would make brush spotting a very frustrating task. 😦 And “UNDO” is your best friend with digital editors. 🙂

        I started out in the high school darkroom, for a couple classes, but also for the joy. Egad, waay back in the late 70s. Shooting first with a Nikon Nikkormat, then moving onto an Olympus OM-2, which I took to a year of photography school at RIT. Had a darkroom at home for a while too. All black and white darkroom processing. Never any colour darkroom work.


      • I still have my OM 1, 10 and 2…just not sure if they will work. After nearly 30 years doing nothing they probably want a battery to begin with and if memory serves me light meters were a bit wonky also. And I think the OM 10 died a fairly quick death…say, with three to four years of purchase.

        A workmate asked me to photograph his wedding in 1978 and that was my reason to jump into the world of SLR cameras…and about ten years of two or three weddings each year. Was fun but not sorry to have left it behind now…or then. It was nice to purchase a decent (in my opinion) camera, Nikon D90, again after some other commitments eased significantly in 2009. Also had nearly full time employment, which helped 😀 Contemplating my third Nikon at the moment Maybe next year. Would like a full frame but it would also be nice to have some photographic income to justify the expense.


      • I’m completely in love with my Fujifilm X-T2. I have a lovely Canon 5D Mark II with short and long zooms, but it’s soooo biiiiiig and heavy. I never take it out. The body has a better feel, and the lenses are, remarkably, as good as the Canon lenses for significantly less.

        All the stills photographers I’ve worked with on film sets the last couple years have gone Fujifilm, usually the X-Pro2. They’ve generally walked away from their Canons. (Indeed, I bought mine fairly cheaply from one of them.)

        The meter went on the OM-2 when I was in China, so many of those are poorly exposed. And when I went to sell my three lovely primes (35, 50 and 120mm), turns out fungus had invaded the elements. 😦


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