Weekly Photo Challenge-Sweet



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been waiting for three years

to use this photo…

If they are anything like McDonald’s

macaroons they will be so sickly sweet.

Now over the past week there have been two birthdays

and Valentines Day in our household,

so not that hard to find something sweet.

Two of my favourites


And while having a Valentine’s Day splurge…

 I thought of our favourite chocolates and added

them to my cart for MGW you  understand!

Next door to the Roses was Maltesers….

at half price!!!!!!!

Think of the money I saved Dear!!!!!!

Somehow that sentence only works one way…

and not when it is me doing the talking.

So we also have half price Maltesers in our fridge

this week…but not for long I suspect. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Sweet

    • I will hang on to mine for a day or do more to savour the expected flavour and enjoyment. Apparently it is not considered rEAL chocolate in some parts of the world…but it will do me. 🙂


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