Plenty of winter fogs around here.

Not so many summer fogs though.This pier/jetty is where I take many

of my Corio Bay photos.

View not so good that day.

Moorabool/main Street of Geelong.


A June fog blocking the background scenery.

I used Picasa’s boost tool (default setting)

to enhance the image.

The result?  A bland photo turned into

into a more interesting early morning shot.


Weekly Weather: Fog

Weekly Weather

9 thoughts on “Weekly-Weather-Fog

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      • I guess it depends on one’s point of view. I have heard/seen camera club judges being very critical of harsh shadows when they suited the photo…in my opinion. Instead of commenting on the harshness the judge could have easily commented how the harsh shadows were indicative of the long hard life the building (in the picture) had.

        MY own favourite shadow photo…if you’re interested. 🙂

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      • I love it! You placed the shadow of the tree quite beautifully on the church and it s roof. The teacher of my last streetphotography course tried to tear us away from those (fixed) ideas of judges and one day challenged us to take pictures with drunken horizons (like other streetphotographers did). Very liberating, I can assure you.


      • Thank you for your comments. I’m afraid I did not have a great deal of choice of where the shadow was, but I thought it was lovely. I’m glad to hear teachers of photography are trying to break the mould. My horizons are often ‘drunk’ and need straightening. The other is we do not always see a scene in rules of thirds etc. Usually I look at those ‘rules’ in editing and adjust if it looks better.

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