Jo’s Monday Walk


Balyang Sanctuary

A couple of weeks back

Cee asked for a BW outdoor walk

...among other things.

DC Photography 17

I chose Balyang Sanctuary,

a mere five to ten minute drive

from the hustle and bustle of Geelong’s CBD

and even less to some of the

suburban shopping complexes.

a mere five to ten minute drive…


from the hustle and bustle

of Geelong’s CBD…

 and even less to some of…


the suburban shopping complexes.


Balyang is a great place…


to relax, and…

become attuned to nature.



Jo’s Monday Walk



Plenty of winter fogs around here.

Not so many summer fogs though.This pier/jetty is where I take many

of my Corio Bay photos.

View not so good that day.

Moorabool/main Street of Geelong.


A June fog blocking the background scenery.

I used Picasa’s boost tool (default setting)

to enhance the image.

The result?  A bland photo turned into

into a more interesting early morning shot.


Weekly Weather: Fog

Weekly Weather