Black and White Tuesday18-0206


Black and White Tuesday


Back to nature.

I believe these to be…

Eucalyptus Leucoxylon flowers…

and seed pods.




Some sunset shots

My graphics card is faulty at the moment and

everything looks very blurry at times.

When I converted this to BW I noticed a shadow

all around the tree making it appear

to have been a studio shot…

or at least against a wall.

 The coloured version was no better.

This was how I framed this shot it is not a crop.

 Even the wide shot has a shadow.

 At least on my computer it does.

As mentioned the graphics card….

P.S…10/02/2018…after mentioning a malfunctioning

graphics card…when preparing this post

nearly 24 hours ago…

this morning it is having a good day.

None of the aforementioned distortions.



Hope you enjoyed.