14 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Trio

  1. You do know, living in an amazing place like Africa is cheating. (Just kidding.)
    In truth, I love photo challenges that allow me to see parts of the world I may never see in person. Thanks.


    • I’m glad you like my African photos. Africa is an amazing place. However, I don’t live there. Home for me is Australia. Geelong being my ‘home’ city,..Victoria. I agree there is such a variety of photo opportunities that it does feel a bit like cheating when selecting a photo for a post 🙂


      • Australia?! I think I have a bad case of envy. One of my dreams it to travel the world. There are so many amazing places to see. I’m looking forward to seeing your part of the world through your photos. And I’ll do my best to keep up. ;0)


      • If ever you do get Down Under make sure you allow time for a Red Centre visit. Ayers Rock , the Olgas, and Devils Marbles ….miles and miles apart but worth the travel.


      • Hi Me again, I forgot to tell you where I live. United States of America, Minnesota. It on the border of Canada. There are beautiful places here. There are some beautiful places here especially in the fall with the fall colors and winter with snow and ice. Phyllis


      • Haven’t officially been to mainland USA but would like to one day. Alaska this year sometime. I spent three months in Canada in 1976 which still seems only like yesterday. I think all parts of the world have their appeal…particularly when viewed through tourist eyes.


    • I must confess to editing that photo to enhance the BG colours. I was sure what I was doing wrong! Everyone had very colourful photos while mine appeared flat. Although I have to confess that was how everything looked. Hot and dry. Since joining a camera club I quickly learned that real photos don’t win competitions.

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