One Word Photo Challenge-Monkey






You would  think that…butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth,

wouldn’t you?


These shots taken just after it had dropped down

out of the tree and pinched the apple

MGW had on her hand bag.

We laugh (a bit) about it now,

however, if it had taken  the whole bag,

money passport etc….it may

have been a different story.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Monkey



 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This week is MGW’s birthday. 

MGW received some birthday cards

from some of her students.

This was one was from

a 13 year-old, Year 8 student.

The front cover.

Please take a better look at the dog,

than I did…before moving on.



 Now focus on the pre-written inscription.

The girl’s mother was horrified at the thought

of her daughter giving this card to a teacher.

MGW and I think  it’s gorgeous.

How about you?

I hope

don’t mind me publishing their card.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday