Book Review-Pennie


(Broken Vows Trilogy #1.5)


Marty Langenberg

Pennie is a prequel to The Baby Farm which is book 2 of the Broken Vows trilogy and tells us of Pennie’s background; the how and why she came to be in Orange (New South Wales) in Book 1, Broken Vows.

Before proceeding any further I must state that I am not a fan of short stories.  Any I have read seem to pique my interest and the next page, like a Perry Mason script (which shows my age), the story ends in a few sentences.

 My initial reaction to Pennie was that I had read much of this before either from the blurb or as Pennie retold her story to Steve/Des in Broken Vows.

Pennie became more interesting as it progressed to Pennie’s hitchhiking days and as mentioned previously ended rather abruptly.  I do hope Pennie’s character is featured in later books as I think she could be expanded upon and interesting story lines could revolve around her.

Pennie was an enjoyable read and worthy of a solid three star rating.

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 A solidread.



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I must declare that I know and worked with Marty for several years before his retirement.  Little did I know he was a closet author. 🙂  However, my review is genuine…as are all my reviews.