Apologies, in advance for the length of this post.

Probably giving something the ‘once over’

means the same world wide.

During my lifetime the main thing I have

given the once over are sheep….

probably people also…but I will

stick to sheep on this post.

For example, a cursory look at these sheep tells me

they are fairly fine woolled animals,

which means their new born lambs

would not be as physically strong as

that of a coarser woolled sheep

and may readily die if born in cold weather.

Their lambs would also likely be smaller,

not attract he highest price at sale.

Finally, as they are only 4-6 weeks ‘off shears’

(since being shorn)

it will be nearly twelve months before

they are ready to shear again and a

further month before wool is tested,

sold and money in my pocket.

That is how long it would take for any return

on my investment if I were to buy them.

I suspect they are somewhere between

two and four years old.

Two year olds…young but lower lambing percentage.

Older sheep equals higher lambing percentage.

However, the older they are the less production

a buyer could expect as they commence losing

their teeth at 4-5 years and will eventually starve.

Well, that is my assessment of this flock

after giving them the ‘once over’.


Thursday’s Special: Once-Over

Wordless Wednesday17_0124

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Some images of…the Australian War Memorial at…



Behind the centre tower the Sir John Monash Centre…

was being constructed and may nearly be open now.


So peaceful and yet soaked with so much blood.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday (

Wordless Wednesday

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