For the Open Topic I have chosen to post

photos taken in 2018,

commencing with the furthermost object…

the Moon.

A bridge, forming pat of Geelong’s Ring Road,

and although it appears fairly close…


it is just part of the back ground in this shot.


Sunrise from our front yard.


Visitors to our backyard.

Galah is also a term bestowed upon someone

who has done something silly.

As in

‘…you galah…’

‘…you flaming galah…’

‘…you’re a galah…’

Click here for the Google search results.

Galah can be used in a derrogatory, or friendly, sense.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open-Topic





Week 4


We did not move from the farm until 2005. 

In that life three vehicles on our road was a traffic jam

and I could go for days without seeing anyone.  

So what were my thoughts upon arriving

at the Trevi Fountain?


Couldn’t they have waited until tomorrow?!


A Photo a Week Challenge: 12’s-a-Crowd