Weekly Photo Challenge-Silence



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Last April we took a hot air balloon ride

over Melbourne.The only downside was the 0330 wake up call

to find out if winds were slight enough

to allow the ride to go ahead.

I have never seen Melbourne streets as silent

as this one was at that hour.


 Even though there around twenty passengers,

conversations were conducted in

subdued tones so as not to break the silence

of the early hour.

At lift off, there was only the roar of the gas flame

to break the silence of the crisp April morning.

Even this Qantas 747 could not break the silence…

 as we flew over Melbourne at dawn…

with just the occasional burst of

flaming gas breaking the silence.




13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Silence

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  2. We were fortunate enough to be in Albuquerque for their Balloon Fiesta, but it was far from being quiet. The sounds of the flames forcing hot air into the balloon coupled with the exuberant cries from the crowd as the balloon took off were welcome sounds indeed. The silence, as I’ve been told, comes when the balloon is in the air. And, oh, would I love to experience that!


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