THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces-of-the-Past



Maybe a weird slant of Traces of the Past this week. 

If my memory serves me well, when we see sun light

it has taken about eight minutes to

travel across space to our planet. 

So when we see the sun just peeking over the horizon,

we are actually seeing light

generated eight minutes in the past.

If we could see the sun in ‘real time’ it may look like this shot.


Conversely when the sun is setting,

this is old energy we are seeing.

The sun may be at this level and

when it seems to be at this level

the sun is actually below the horizon.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-of-the-Past

6 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces-of-the-Past

  1. Stunning images! I feel that’s true about all things we see–old energy as it takes some time no matter how infinitesimal for light to travel to our eyes. Add to that the fact that sound travels slower than light–we are being fed an illusion all the time–old sounds new images mixed together to create a fictional reality which is only reality for us!


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