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Floral Friday Challenge.


 I have been seeking a particular type…

of gum (Eucalyptus) tree because of

the nuts it produces after flowering.

On New Year’s Day I thought I may have had a lead.

However, it was an unsuccessful trip.

I did find this beauty though which I believe is

a Western Australia native.

I was told its name but…’in one ear, out the other...’

especially on New Year’s  Day.

Does anyone know its name?


Floral Friday

Floral Friday







According to on-line dictionaries, candescent can mean

giving off light; bright or shining.

I  think my first two photos… 

capture that definition.

Algid…feels the cold. 

I don’t know if the saying ‘….

shivering like whippet on a frosty morning

is used in other parts of the world to express

how cold one feels or how cold someone looks.


Fairly straight forward.

     However, this angular building,

which has always caused controversy

 in Melbourne’s Federation Square,

is due to be wrecked soon if the government has its way.

An Apple store will replace it.

Not sure what would be worse.

I kind of like the current structure.

It’s different.

 Auricomous….having golden hair; yellow-haired. 

Where else to look at the beach?

      Or at a wedding which also just happened to be on a beach.

The festive season generally refers to Christmas, and…

      these sights are generally seen during the festive season.


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