Jo’s Monday Walk



Another short drive through the Belgian countryside…

brought us to another…

memorial of the Great War.

This was a memorial to the well known

Christmas Truce of 1914.

Again another patch of ground in rural Belgium

where a significant event of World War I took place.

This monument was created in 2014 by the

Union of European Football Associations…


as testament…

the Small Peace…

in the…


Great War.


The thing which fascinated me was the fact that

it appears travellers have  left soccer balls/footballs…


as their memorial to this particular event…

and they remain….untouched.

 With the advent of the memorial….


 some of the trenches…


were also re-constructed.


The memorial, itself, represents the back end

of a canon shell upon which is mounted a football.

As mentioned earlier, these footballs, I think,

have been left by tourists/travellers, in memory

of the event or loved ones.

While I did not touch a ball,

they appeared not to be fixed and part of the memorial.

Instead like many other memorials they appeared

to be simply left for all to see.



Jo’s Monday Walk

4 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk-Wk47_Christmas-Truce

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    • Thanks for the link Jo. Hope you are having an enjoyable New Year’s lunch. It’s all over for another year now. We had a family get together this afternoon which was nice and relaxing. All family get togethers revolved around death (mother-in-law), funerals and moving father-in-law to a retirement village last year. So we are looking forward to a happier year this year…wonder what it will bring forth?


  2. I guess it was too much to hope that the peace could last another 100 years, Woolly. 24 hours seems to be as much as we can manage. Thanks for the link and I wish you a peaceful, healthy and happy 2018. 🙂 🙂 (I will be posting New Year’s Day)


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