One Word Photo Challenge-Magician






An informal meaning of the word Magician is…

a person with exceptional skill in a particular area.

To my way of thinking this bloke is definitely a magician.

 Those who developed hot air balloons and

Go Pro cameras to  record our flight also had special skills.

Not to mention all the professions in the world today

which require special skills.

Being a former woolclasser/farmer

I am going to mention farming first.

Many years ago a wool producer

whose wool I was classing/grading/sorting

stated that farming was no longer a lifestyle but a science.

And then there is that group of people who state

that they are ‘just a housewife

Unstated are the projects that just a housewife manages,

counselling sessions,

budgeting skills,

cooking skills…must I go on?

We all  have special skills and therefore

are all magicians!


 One Word Photo Challenge: Magician




Our Christmas Day lunch is not at

our house this year.

And under our tree is looking decidedly bare.

However, on Christmas eve we had

the boys (and girls) around for some

Christmas eve cheer.

And all but one was with us again today.

The but one has to work most of Christmas Day

making the day a little better for those

who are not well.

As Christmas Day officially is drawing to a close

in our neck of the woods,

I hope everyone is enjoying

their Christmas festivities

and will arrive home safely.


Perhaps not a ‘weather’ post but certainly one

revolving a round a special Day of the year.


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