THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Darkness-and-Light

Darkness and Light

I did commence gathering sunrise-sunset photos…

for the Darkness-Light challenge.

Then I remembered Wednesday night’s drive…

 and could not think of a more appropriate time…

to use these photos.

MGW declared 14 degrees Celsius too cold

to be out wandering and admiring this front yard.

However, with Bing Crosby crooning his favourite

Christmas Carols over the Public address system,

this front yard easily made all other look rather

insignificant by comparison.

Merry Christmas for 2017


Thursday’s Special: Darkness-and-Light



Humid:  marked by a relatively high level

of water vapour in the atmosphere.

So, there was plenty of water vapour

in the air this day…

and this day also.


A spring shower captured in October this year.


Weekly Weather: Humid

Weekly Weather