One Word Photo Challenge-Macro






Not necessarily true macros…

but the best I have.

A ring I bought for MGW for 22nd wedding anniversary.

After being repaired twice it still had a broken part

and jeweller had told me to take it to manufacturer

if stones fell out again.

Needless to say the jeweller will not be receiving

any more of  my dollars.


Taken a few years back these plants were

severely knocked around by young energetic dogs last year.

Recently pruned, I may have the opportunity

for a macro again.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Macro




Week 118


Taking photos from this angle…

makes a photographer feel…



From the second level of the Eiffel Tower

this roof top looks rather large

with the lens on full zoom.

Reducing the zoom and the same roof top

almost disappears into the city of Paris.


Think the Eiffel Tower at 324 metres (1,063 feet) is tall?

Wait until you visit Dubai’s the Burj Khalifa.

At 828 metres (2,717 feet), the Burj Khalifa

is the tallest building in the world.


It is taller than two Empire State Buildings

and is nearly 700 feet taller than the Shanghai Tower,

the current second-tallest building.

Even on a hazy day it still made many…

of Dubai’s skyscrapers appear tiny.


Pic and Word Challenge: Diminutive,