Book Review-Darkness-My-Old-Friend

Darkness, My Old Friend


Lisa Unger

Darkness, My Old Friend, features another teenage girl at the centre of the story.  Fifteen year old Willow and her mother have moved to The Hollows.  Willow is short on friends with her best/main/only friend not all that interested in attending school or authority figures.  In fact her bestie’s attitude does not help Willow who is a rebellious teenager wanting to be back home in Manhattan.

The story revolves around solving the disappearance of a local woman, without a trace, nearly twenty years earlier and which has now become a very old case.

Willow; a retired policeman (who is doing odds jobs for neighbours); a women who has acquired physic powers after an accident; some psychological domestic abuse in another family; and a son wanting to know why his mother left him all those years ago gives you an idea of the plot.

As in any good story all character are intertwined with each other’s lives; both then and now.  As usual, I will not give away any more of the plot than I need to.  Darkness, My Old Friend is well worth reading if you enjoy this genre of novels.

I think Darkness My Old Friend just manages a four star rating.


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Darkness, My Old Friend

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Darkness, My Old Friend

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Daily Prompt-Meagre



Today was cherry picking day.

Nothing tastes as good as a home-grown cherry.

A few years a go we planted some miniature fruits trees

and although the tree is small the fruit is not.

 In 2015 we harvested our first crop of cherries,

which filled a two litre container.

Last year there was a very meagre crop thanks to local bird life.

Maybe a cherry or two each.

We learned a lesson and this year netted the tree.

Not 100% successful but we did managed to fill

one and a half, two litre containers this year.

Much better than last year’s meagre offering.

Still those feathered friends managed a feed or two.

However, if our plans for our cherry tree

come to fruition there will be some hungry birds

looking wistfully at our cherry tree

in twelve months time. 🙂