According to the Free Online Dictionary

‘sequence’ has the following definitions;

1. A following of one thing after another; succession.

2. An order of succession; an arrangement.

3. A related or continuous series.

I think most of these photos demonstrate

one or more of those definitions.

I commenced at the Palace of Versailles…

for my photos for his week and could not get away.


Even lines which seemed odd… 


were arranged in order.


    Most of these photos…

depict but a small part… 

of the Palace… 

and its gardens…


One need more time than we had

to thoroughly explore the gardens.

And I think his maybe as close as we came

to seeing this section of the garden.


Thursday’s Special: Sequence

6 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Sequence

    • Bought tears to my eyes I’m afraid Jackie. All that work cannot be complete by the average person, in my opinion. Would love the resources (read, time, money, labour and climate) to have a garden like this. The descriptors we look for in any new plant are; suitable for coastal conditions. Tolerates heat, cold dry, wet and above all is hardy. We find all that and then these young dogs will often take a shortcut through or over them during their playtime. 🙂

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