December Words

  I could not think of anything more…

sagacious . 

This one is the South African Pearlspotted Owl

if my memory and Google research are any good.

     Whether your focus is on the statue

or the wall behind, both are created by

humans but are…non-human      


       I have been told that this is not a very good

image, however, I think it

a great (decent??) portrayal,

in  abstract, of a spring downpour. 

The colour may not suit your walls but that

can be fixed with a couple of clicks of the mouse.


When we visited Pompeii…      I was expecting see some of

the more iconic remains. 

These plaster cast remains of

the population which lived in Pompeii

were the only ones on display.


Call me ghoulish if you wish…

however, in my youth I did want to be

an archaeologist. 

The link below will take you to a

Google search with images which

I had hoped to see of Pompeii’s remains.

Click here to see what I am referring to at Pompeii.


Our very own star…

…puts on some stellar performances

at either end of the day.

Here the sun is setting on Namibia

and Botswana’s Chobe River.


Thursday’s Special: December-Words

3 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-December-Words

  1. This post has warmed my heart 🙂 Beautiful, comprehensive and straight to the point. I love your Pygmy Owl (I guess this is a pygmy owl), and your splash of colour in Spring downpour, Pompeii is the most provocative example for remains, and the last scene is entirely blissful. I would never call you ghoulish, but I am thinking if I should include that word in some of the future Pick a word challenges? Love you Woolly :))


    • The owl is a South African Pearlspotted Owl, which maybe known as a Pygmy Owl in your/other parts of the world. I have updated my post to reflect this. Should have researched before posting. Thank you for your kind words about my post.


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