On August 1, 2017 I experienced one of

the coldest mornings ever while trying to

capture a sunrise.

The sun did rise in the east as usual.

However it was not strong enough to

burn off the overnight fog.

It took about 90 minutes perched on this lookout

to capture these shots.

During that time a westerly kept

blowing the fog into my face.

When I finally decided to call it quits,

my fingers were numb and my right hand

had almost stopped functioning.

After stowing my gear and turning on the car,

I noticed the temperature display reading

a balmy -3 degrees Celsius.

No wonder I felt a bit chilly!

Okay!  Okay!

Not as cold as some parts of the world,

but on the 38th parallel… 😀 😀


Weekly Weather: Cold

Weekly Weather

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