This post is late because I had no idea what to post…

until I had to photograph one of MGW’s rings,

which I gave MGW on our

twenty-second wedding anniversary. Supposed to be diamonds

(although hard to see any in this shot)

and pink rubies.

It was damaged a few years ago.

Since then we have paid good money

to have it repaired…twice.

The second time we were told to take it to the

manufacturer, whoever that maybe,

if it needed repair again.

 If it has been repaired I have to ask myself

why does this part of the ring appear to be broken?

No wonder the stones fall out without notice.

This is one time I  really do feel I have

been ripped off…and have proof of it.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Jewel-Colours


3 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Jewel-Colours

  1. Oh my …. that should not look like that. If you have the name and can send it to the manufacturer, you should. Sometimes, jewelers don’t like repairing work by another jeweler.
    For one thing, there could be unseen flaws in the jewelry that could cause a major repair. Also, when there are stones where the repairs have to be done the stones have to be removed before any soldering can be done; otherwise, the stones will burst. It’s a lot of work yet they can’t really charge a lot because the soldering material is minimum. It’s a shame you didn’t get the proper satisfaction for your purchase. On behalf of good jewelers out there … I apologize.
    Isadora 😎

    p.s. I just added a post with a few pieces of my jewelry to showcase for cyber Monday. I was an award winning jeweler, for 28 years, until a few years ago. Now, I am clearing out my inventory. I just wanted you to know that I have first hand knowledge of your ring problem.


    • Thanks for your comments about this ring. It wasn’t until I took these photos tat I noticed that the replaced rubies were not the same colour, which really caps off a comment made by the jeweller who sold it to me and repair it twice. The second time I was told it was coloured glass. The cheapest piece of jewellery I have ever knowingly purchased was a pendant at the Arras market this year. It looked nice and I thought MGW would wear it to work….which she does. This ring was a 22nd wedding anniversary gift and nowhere near the price range of the pendant.

      I have since turned to another jeweller who I think has a good reputation, and good quality products and we are in the process of replacing it altogether. A shame really…but better than having stones fall out for no reason. I have been told that this type of ring is squashed together from the sides and that, basically, is what hold the stones in place. Once the ring is damaged on the setting moves there is very little hold the stones in place. The brush off for any further repairs by the selling jeweller coupled with inconsistent coloured stones and broken part of the setting is what annoys me. That store has lost me forever.


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