I found this compass…

 in York.

An easy way o find one’s way around.


 When on the farm, and to a lesser degree now,

I use the sun for time of day and direction.

On a Victorian farm I would be facing North

with the time being about 1300.

In France, however, I am facing south and

not sure whether it is just before,

or just after, noon.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Directional




This post is late because I had no idea what to post…

until I had to photograph one of MGW’s rings,

which I gave MGW on our

twenty-second wedding anniversary. Supposed to be diamonds

(although hard to see any in this shot)

and pink rubies.

It was damaged a few years ago.

Since then we have paid good money

to have it repaired…twice.

The second time we were told to take it to the

manufacturer, whoever that maybe,

if it needed repair again.

 If it has been repaired I have to ask myself

why does this part of the ring appear to be broken?

No wonder the stones fall out without notice.

This is one time I  really do feel I have

been ripped off…and have proof of it.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Jewel-Colours