Wednesday evening, around 1730,

with the temperature still in the high twenties,

Candi our black and tan kelpie…was in one of her usual spots in the shade after

a day of above 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

By 1750 she had disappeared.


No-one in the neighbourhood had seen her…

and while we were spreading the word

and looking for her, other dog walkers

commented that she was timid

and an unlikely candidate to run away.

I am not sure who was more upset,

Taji or MGW.

 While wondering what our next step was going to be,

the sky had turned to dusk,

MGW heard the phone beep and noted

there was a message.

Thinking it was a neighbour who had found Candi,

you can imagine her surprise, shock and relief

when she hard it was

The Geelong Animal Emergency Centre.

With very little light in the sky we set off

on a TWENTY-THREE kilometre drive

to the Animal Emergency Centre.

Candi was unharmed and very pleased

when we arrived home.

How did she get there?

She won’t tell me…yet.

All we have been told is that she was found

on the  Melbourne Road, Geelong West,

which does not make sense.

 However, I think we all slept a little better than

we would have otherwise last night.

But we are still wondering…..HOW?

And more to the point WHY? 

All’s well that ends well.



6 thoughts on “Our-Little-Dog-Lost…and-Found

    • I wish all neighbours were like that. Years ago I heard of a nearly neighbour heading for his gun (his brother stopped him) because a strange dog was working a mob of his sheep. Not mauling them…working them. It was young and turned out to be a very good sheep dog. About ten years later I found a descendant of that dog caught on the bottom wire of one of my fences. It was pure luck that I saw it. It was close to three or four miles from its home. I could have reached for my gun also. I had been having trouble with dogs attacking sheep in that paddock. Instead, I did the neighbourly thing and contacted the owner. Most breeds are good dogs. Some breeds I would not go near. But on the whole they are like people….treat them well and they return the favour. Although, at times, that has been hard to see with our two youngsters over the past nearly two years. They are showing signs of improvement though.

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  1. Glad she was found unharmed. Was she very far from your home? My parents had a mutt (no specific breed discernible) who was a home body. Never went out of the yard, although they kept him chained up and the gate closed. One day he disappeared, it was shortly after they’d had him groomed and he looked for all the world like a pure bred poodle (perhaps there was poodle in the mix). He never made it back home, was found by animal control the next day. He had been hit by a car (apparently) and it killed him. He was on a very busy street and my mother said it made no sense at all as he was terrified of traffic and cars and would never have wandered there on his own. My parents thought someone had grabbed him thinking he was a pure-bred and he had leapt out of the car or truck and gotten hit. I’m so glad your tale had a better outcome! Candi is beautiful!


    • I’m sorry to hear about your Parent’s dog. We were worried that was going to be the outcome with Candi, or that she may have been bitten by a snake and crawled under a bush, into a vacant lot (with waist high grass)….but we still think it highly irregular.


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