Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-N


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to start with letter N)

Random Ns come from

Nice and St Paul de Vence

in France this week.


Being on the French Riviera there were still those

defying the possibility of skin cancer… 

and baring near naked bodies

to  soak up the sun’s rays.


Names  of restaurants were high on walls for visibility.

The name of St Paul de Vence patron saint was

at the foot of a huge statue.

From our vantage point we could

view a nearby cemetery.

Narrow streets appeared to be… 

the only type of street in St Paul de Vence.

Back in Nice novel methods…

of parking were needed.

Not sure if I hit all the

noun, verb, adjective,

requirements Cee.





Wednesday evening, around 1730,

with the temperature still in the high twenties,

Candi our black and tan kelpie…was in one of her usual spots in the shade after

a day of above 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

By 1750 she had disappeared.


No-one in the neighbourhood had seen her…

and while we were spreading the word

and looking for her, other dog walkers

commented that she was timid

and an unlikely candidate to run away.

I am not sure who was more upset,

Taji or MGW.

 While wondering what our next step was going to be,

the sky had turned to dusk,

MGW heard the phone beep and noted

there was a message.

Thinking it was a neighbour who had found Candi,

you can imagine her surprise, shock and relief

when she hard it was

The Geelong Animal Emergency Centre.

With very little light in the sky we set off

on a TWENTY-THREE kilometre drive

to the Animal Emergency Centre.

Candi was unharmed and very pleased

when we arrived home.

How did she get there?

She won’t tell me…yet.

All we have been told is that she was found

on the  Melbourne Road, Geelong West,

which does not make sense.

 However, I think we all slept a little better than

we would have otherwise last night.

But we are still wondering…..HOW?

And more to the point WHY? 

All’s well that ends well.