Black and White Tuesday17-2211


Black and White Tuesday


Eventually made the trip back to

Lal Lal on Tuesday

to retrieve my newly cleaned camera.

Lal Lal was a hive of activity during

the gold rush era of the nineteenth century.

Like many country towns it is now a shadow

of its former glory, but still retains

some icons of those bygone days.

This is the main road through the town.

Reminds me a bit of my hometown..biggest

difference is the bush all round Lal Lal and

the fact that my hometown was just a tad bigger,

due to it being a halfway point in the bullock dray days.

Lal Lal is very close to Ballarat, which is

the third largest city in Victoria with a population

of just below 78,00 in the 2006 census.

About half the size of  Geelong in the same year.

As with may rural towns Lal Lal once had

a thriving railway station, and…

to keep the steam engines going was

this Water Tower.

I plan on returning to Lal Lal soon

to take some more images of the town

and its surrounds.



Hope you enjoyed.



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