Weekly Photo Challenge-Transformation



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



It is hard to imagine that these peaceful fields,

near Bullecourt, France…

were once the scene of so much bloodshed.

The German Army was on this ridge…

with a clear view of the approaching opposition

which had to cross all this open ground.

Again it has been transformed into a quiet drive…

along original roads for tourists to hear

where their ancestors fought and died.

Some of these tourists surreptitiously create

small memorials to their ancestors.




Black and White Tuesday17-2211


Black and White Tuesday


Eventually made the trip back to

Lal Lal on Tuesday

to retrieve my newly cleaned camera.

Lal Lal was a hive of activity during

the gold rush era of the nineteenth century.

Like many country towns it is now a shadow

of its former glory, but still retains

some icons of those bygone days.

This is the main road through the town.

Reminds me a bit of my hometown..biggest

difference is the bush all round Lal Lal and

the fact that my hometown was just a tad bigger,

due to it being a halfway point in the bullock dray days.

Lal Lal is very close to Ballarat, which is

the third largest city in Victoria with a population

of just below 78,00 in the 2006 census.

About half the size of  Geelong in the same year.

As with may rural towns Lal Lal once had

a thriving railway station, and…

to keep the steam engines going was

this Water Tower.

I plan on returning to Lal Lal soon

to take some more images of the town

and its surrounds.



Hope you enjoyed.