One Word Photo Challenge-Lion






A little playful lion.***








Both lion cubs, lioness and tourists had

twenty minutes of shear joy.

Cubs because they were able to roll in

elephant dung and Mum wasn’t growling.

Mum, because the kids were out of her hair.

Tourists….well need I say more?


 One Word Photo Challenge: Lion



Posts have been a bit erratic this past week

and maybe for while yet.

Too much sun, no hat and the use of

the words “aggressive” and “cancer”

in a short sentence after a biopsy,

followed by a procedure which has left me with

a messy scalp which does not want to heal

and the medical professionals divided

on the best source of treatment.

Family nurses and my GP

are in opposition to the specialist

who did the procedure.

Just warning the photo below is

pretty messy in my opinion.



I have an encore booked for December 13.

Was told today I should have left dressing on

for two weeks.

Five days and this one was putrid.

December 13 plus two weeks equals December 27.

Looks like a lonely Christmas….

no-one will want to be within a mile of me!