Week 114


I have been wanting an excuse to use this series

of photos for just over three years.

Now, thanks to Patrick,

I can show anyone who has not been there…

how isolated one could feel at

Botswana’s Lekhubu Island…

which is situated in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan is one of the

largest salt flats in the world.

The pan is all that remains of the formerly

enormous Lake Makgadikgadi which once

covered an area larger than Switzerland,

but dried up several thousand years ago.

Source: Wikipedia

It does not take long to explore this

island in the salt…


and just as I was thinking well that’s all there is….

the sun set among ancient baobab trees.


 Naturally it had to rise next morning.

And were in an ideal position to capture both events.


Pic and Word Challenge: Isolation



We don’t need the weather bureau

to tell us the weather is getting hotter…

Taji and Candi do it for us.


6 PM Monday evening and they prefer shade

to running around, playing or sitting

on the back verandah.

Apologies for photo quality.

These were taken through the kitchen window.

The temperature did only top out at

26 degrees Celsius today.

However that is hot enough for these two.

They are hopeless when summer really bites.


Weekly Weather: Hot

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